Monthly Passive Income With 9-12% Annual Return

What’s A Deed of Trust?
In real estate in the United States, a deed of trust or trust deed is a deed wherein legal title in real property is transferred to a trustee, which holds it as security for a loan between a borrower and lender. The equitable title remains with the borrower

What’s A Hard Money Loan?
A hard money loan is a specific type of asset-based loan financing through which a borrower receives funds secured by real property. Hard money loans are typically issued by private investors or companies

Why Invest with California Deed of Investment?
Your investment is secured by a deed of trust & your income is steady. Most of the time, the MAX CLTV is no more than 70%. We are a local real estate broker in San Francisco Bay Area. We only do real estate & loans in Bay Area.

What’s My Protection?
We know the Bay Area Real Estate Market; Loan Docs will be prepared by our attorney  Title Insurance will have 125% coverage. You can wire the fund directly to the title if you want.

Do I have Access to All the Files of My Investment?
Yes. All the investors will have the access to that transaction, including all the files, like the purchase Agreement (Purchase Case), Prelim Report, Borrower’s information
Loan Docs & Signed Copy
Final Broker Package

What’s the Return of My Investment?
The annual return for hard money loan is 8.25%-11%.

What Are The Points?
Points are the fees paid by the borrower to The California Deed of Trust Investment for acting as a broker in a hard money loan transaction that covers the cost of origination.

Will You Ask All The Borrowers to Purchase Insurance?
Yes, absolutely. We will ask them to purchase title insurance & home insurance. Investors will be beneficiaries.

Do You Offer 2nd Position of Deed of Trust?
Yes, but 80% of our current loans are the first deed. If CLTV is less than 50%, we may do the second. It all depends on the property value & R.E market.

Which Title Companies Have You Worked With?
Here are the title companies we have been working with in the past, Fidelity Title; Chicago Title; Old Republic Title; North American Title; Orange Coast Title

Can I Contact Your Attorney?
Yes. Our attorney’s contact information is available to all our investors. Feel free to contact them if you have any legal questions regarding trust deed investment. But Attorney may charge you for the legal consultation fees.

Ferdinand Dalope
Ferdinand Dalope
Jack is honest & straight forward guy to deal with. I’m referring my clients who would benefit from his array of special mortgage programs.
linda sun
linda sun
CA Deed of Trust team are the best lender that I have ever worked with, unlike other lenders making their clients running around and jumping hoops, they are super professional, knowledgeable, efficient, on point communications, they also went out of their ways saving money for me, they made my Refi process super fast and easy, very happy with their services, they are absolutely the first choice of recommendation to friends and families! Great job!
C. V.
C. V.
OUTSTANDING SERVICE, SCENARIO SPECIFIC DILIGENCE, FAST RESPONSE TIMES, no nonsense, no junk fees, no empty promises, A PLEASURE TO DEAL WITH. Honesty, consideration, and GREAT business practices. We recently received funding from the wonderful, very knowledgeable, and professional group over at California Deed of Trust Investment. With over 17 years of experience under my belt being on both sides of such fundings; I can unequivocally declare this firm to be without any question the best experience I have had with private money transactions. I look forward to dealing with them again.
Sophia Zhang
Sophia Zhang
I have a very safe and happy investment experience with CADTI for last two years. I get interests paid every month also my name is on the deed of trust. CADTI provides an amazing investment opportunity for conservative investors.
Hong Bi
Hong Bi
This is an excellent investment opportunity providing high yield monthly interest payments and is nearly risk free. You can get in for as little as $50k and get your principle back in short term. It is an alternative investment opportunity with stable monthly income. Each investment opportunity is carefully chosen by a professional broker that we completely trust. We have invested with this company for the last 2 years and are very satisfied with his company and the title company’s exceptional customer service.